I am forever grateful – Jaquetta W.
May 11, 2016
Docta Eb My Sisters Keep-her
May 11, 2016
As a man, I held reservations – Darvelle H.

“Girl Talk” by Kita is a phenomenal, unduplicated experience. As a man, I held reservations about the invitation to include men merely because past initiatives toward women empowerment have been aimed to equip women to embrace their independence, denying the need for Men, which has always been contrary to the Word of God. My desire to learn the mindset of women; however, was a result of past unfruitful relationships. In my curiosity, not only have I been afforded the opportunity to listen to the heart of women, but men like myself, are highly encouraged to share our perspective in a safe space. The “Girl Talk” ministry has been proven to reach souls and Kita, through the power of the Holy Spirit, has made it possible for many people to experience deliverance by stretching beyond religious parameters to uncover the core of bondage. Her evangelical and non-systematic approach is not for those who seek comfort with living beneath their God given ability, but rather, a catalyst for those who desire to maximize their quality of life. The level of transparency in these discussions have challenged me to think critically about my actions and to identify opportunities; thus, improving my interpersonal relations.

In His Grace,

Darvelle Hutchins

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