Her aura of love reaches out and hugs – Tellytell68
May 10, 2016
I am forever grateful – Jaquetta W.
May 11, 2016
because I didn’t trust “church folk” – Ericah M.

It would take days, maybe even months, to explain how much Girl Talk has impacted my life. As a 17 year old preacher’s kid, I became very guarded. I had to go through a lot by myself because I didn’t trust “church folk”. There were so many things I experienced, but I couldn’t talk about it. I was extremely depressed and I would go days without sleeping. One night, as a result of a simple prayer, two things happened. I got the best rest I had gotten in years, and Mrs. Markita D. Collins became my “Teetee”. I felt so much love, peace, safety, and freedom to be open and transparent. This is all because one woman sat at the feet of Jesus and allowed Him to live, breathe, and speak through her. I’m so grateful to be able to sit in my corner with a juice box and watch God do amazing things in the lives of my Uncle Shaun and Teetee Kita.

– Ericah M.

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