Kita lets you talk it out – Hope Syndreamz
May 10, 2016
I was so tired of feeling weighed down – Ebony Monae
May 10, 2016
#girltalkwithKita has blessed my life tremendously – Lloydchell R.

#girltalkwithKita has blessed my life tremendously. Kita’s transparency and boldness that she brings to girl talk is like no other. She answers our questions honesty and backs it up with scripture. #girltalkwithKita is saving lives and souls. I have a group of girlfriends I’ve never met but we come together to share our thoughts, we cry, we laugh, and say whatever we want because we feel comfortable and free. #girltalkwithKita is a no judgement zone. Kita and Shaun’s display of marriage has given me hope. Seeing her juggle married life, motherhood, ministry, and entrepreneurship encourages the teens, the women, and yes the men that we can and we will. You just have to be there to understand.

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