because I didn’t trust “church folk” – Ericah M.
May 11, 2016
As a man, I held reservations – Darvelle H.
May 11, 2016
I am forever grateful – Jaquetta W.

First off I am forever grateful for my auntie/spiritual mommy because she has made herself available in so many different ways!!! She doesn’t apologize for being WHO SHE IS! Which is 100% real! Girl talk has impacted my life because the very first time I was invited into her scope she prayed for me! And when I say prayed I mean PRAYED! I was dealing with a suicidal spirit, which I’ve dealt with since I was 13 and I am 21 now…but I decided not to reach out because I figured no-one really cared…Girl talk is such a safe environment, everyone is open, honest and I have received love LIKE NEVER before. I look forward to seeing “Markita D. Collins” is live because I know something great is GOING TO HAPPEN! And I cannot wait until the day I am able to just sit at their feet and learn even more! Auntie & Uncle / Spiritual Parents!!!! You rock and I commend you for taking time out you guys busy lives to help, encourage & inform!

-Jaquetta W.

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