He Made Me Whole
May 5, 2016
Girl talk with Kita has been a blessing…Jasmine M.
May 10, 2016
I Bless God for #girltalkwithKita!!!  blessedbeauty79

I Bless God for #girltalkwithKita!!! First off her heart is so big and she gives love so freely. Many a nights, she stays up ministering to someone broken and discouraged, because of the WOG she is. She has an entire family, husband included and she YET maintains for us! Did I mention she bakes as well!!!

I’m not married….YET, but on girl talk with Kita, I’m getting wisdom, knowledge and understanding on how to keep him when he comes! She doesn’t tell you anything that she doesn’t live herself, she is truly a Proverbs 31 woman who is raising up MORE Proverbs 31 women for the kingdom of God!!! Won’t God do it!! When I needed some sisters because God was removing from my life he gave me her and two more. Thank God for the WOG she truly is daily!

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