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May 10, 2016
#girltalkwithKita has blessed my life tremendously – Lloydchell R.
May 10, 2016
Kita lets you talk it out – Hope Syndreamz

It’s cold here in my computer room. I’m alone, and oh so cold.  And even though the sound is muted and my slow jams are wafting overhead…the glare of the flickering lights from the action on the television is painting ominous shadows and unfamiliar images on my walls.  But I am not afraid.  I’m too preoccupied to fear.  My heart is too busy to quiver and quake.

I’m alone…but my thoughts are violently shaking my body, and screaming in my face from the top of their lungs. My naked skull is wrapped in pastel colored terry cloth with caverns of ideas, emotions, and pain drilling trenches and tunnels of doubt…leading me…forcing me to remember…not allowing me to forget the pain.  Yeah…pain.  I hurt from the outside in and the inside is painstakingly breaking its way out.

But my phone chimes…I reach for it with reluctance but then…my shattered face surrenders to a smile.  Yeah…I begin to smile, yawl.  It’s time for girl talk with Markita on Periscope.  A sigh of relief fills my lungs and I exhale with relief.  I swipe away the wetness from my once tear stained screen…and I join the room.


Instantly…I could feel the love, the acceptance, the non-judgmental virtual smiles, and seemingly w-w-w dot Kita forward slash hugs.  You know the type of hug that wraps you up so tight, so safe, and so deep you don’t want to escape much less can’t?  Yeah…it’s that kind of hug. Her genuineness seemingly seeps through our screens and into our very hearts, lifting the sadness, the anger, the hurt and the pain.


Whatever the issue, whatever the problem…Kita lets you talk it out, and the rest of the sisters immediately join in to lend their unselfish nurturing support. It’s a loving environment from the door.  A spiritual place…if you will…that keeps you grounded when all around your life is literally spinning out of control, drowning inside of you, or completely falling apart.


So I take my time listening, learning, living, and loving the life lessons being taught or reinforced by Kita during this scope…for it allows me to De-rez, demolish, denounce, rebuke, regroup, realize, and remember WHO is in charge.


And when it’s all said and done, and the scope comes to an end…I lie down knowing I received a blessing for being a part of that scope.  That is where I needed to be…and HE made sure I heard the notification. I whisper out loud…thank you God, for bringing Kita to us all…at the right time.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when you need a little girl talk.

I’m through now.
“Everyone’s reading Dumplinz Books..are you??”

Isreba Wheeler
Hope Syndreamz
Author of
“I Love My Hoodie”
“Amo A Mi Hoodie”
“I’m Proud Of My Dad”
“The Little Wire Hanger In The Closet”

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