Girl talk with Kita has been a blessing…Jasmine M.
May 10, 2016
We laugh, we cry, we celebrate – @inhershoesonline
May 10, 2016
Since I have been joining in… A French-Williams

#girltalkwithkita…. Since I have been joining in on #Girltalkwithkita… I have had more inside views on understanding my role as a Christian, Wife, Friend,  and much more… There are times we have just had open forum for just random questions… Kita shows ways to Pursue Your Dream … Know your always going to Deserve Better!!  God wants Your Life to be Better!!! This Power Couple is Deeply Rooted in God’s Word…  It shows how they are Truly as One!!  United and Ordained Blessed by God… Each Others Supporter..  I Love It… I would Really Love to see More people on Periscope’s so many little and big knowledge nuggets to receive Come Check it Out!!!!  #Girltalkwithkita… On Periscope.. MarketaD.Collins we’ll Be Waiting on you!!!!

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