Since I have been joining in… A French-Williams
May 10, 2016
Kita lets you talk it out – Hope Syndreamz
May 10, 2016
We laugh, we cry, we celebrate – @inhershoesonline

Markita is anointed no doubt. Her commitment to offering good counsel in both serious and humorous ways is priceless. Girl Talk has me feeling like I’m right in her living room getting corrected without being criticized. Kita plays no games but its all in love.

We laugh, we cry, we celebrate each other, we’ve got our sister’s backs. Girl Talk is aiding my development as a woman just trying to love God, live right, and enjoy my life. If you haven’t tuned in, you’re missing a blessing no doubt. So check her out & have a few of her kookies on deck. Once you stop in, you won’t ever want to leave!
Long Beach, CA

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